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Here’s what Shahzaman wrote

“What an amazing place, if you are looking for a retreat from society this is the place you didn’t know you were looking for. Just do it, it’s an amazing ranch space with quartz littered all across the grounds Janice is the sweetest person and is very sweet to her guests. Hotel Kitchen, Hot Tub, Great Scenic Views all around, and a wonderful energy in the house. Check out the stars and don’t forget to find a rock if you’re a collector, I took a whole bag full and Janice was very nice about it. Totally worth it 100%.”


“This was my first stay for my friend and me, and it was a phenomenal experience. Each room has its own entrance so you could easily not see other guests but due to the large living room and wonderful kitchen, it's hard to convince yourself to not take advantage of the public space. The land the home rests on is beautiful and peaceful, but the real gem of this home is the starry night room. For a city gal to sleep under the stars without the worry of bugs and changing temperature was an amazing way to wind down from the chaos of work. I went on the trip for a physical vacation and left mentally rejuvenated.”

Tracy & Hans

Home stay happy guests
Souls connecting

Thank you so much, Janice, it was so nice to have a retreat from the grips of city life. I’m back in Houston now and I feel sad, I miss the ranch life so does Kasei. Thank you so much for your insights into life and overall being an awesome person. Peace, love, and light. I will definitely be coming back.

Shahzman,  March 2018

Janice was a breath of fresh air. She and her friend Marlon really brightened... They were very cheerful, friendly and nice to share the space with. They brought a great vibe and seemed to genuinely enjoy each other which was nice to see.

Michelle,  February 2018

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