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March 4-11, 2022 

Aat The Ranch, Castell, Texas

Disconnect & reconnect Aat the Ranch located in the beautiful hill country of Central Texas. Daily morning movement, meditation, river time, fun relaxing weekend, plant-based meals, attention, energy focus, mindset,  Experienced Motivational Speaker, Mindset Coach, Janice is also an Internationally Certified E-500 Yoga & Meditation Instructor. 

Janice at 62 embodies the proof that daily dedication to her mind, body & soul defies the normal genetic predispositions of corpulency.

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Accommodation &  Meals Coffee Tea Workshops, Classes, All Inclusive upon arrival 

Bunk House style Beds Yellowstone  BOOK NOW The Private Celestial Star Room  for 2 jacuzzi  and 6 foot glass sleep under the stars

Celestial Star Room PRIVATE Price for 2 people

Jacuzzi Sleep under a 6 foot by 6 foot glass STARS


 Tree & History

 Wonder Woman 


Hostile Style 

Bunk House like Yellowstone 

Camping You bring the Tent 


Rooms, former groups, ranch & llano river & earth art festival photos


Located just 1.5 hours from Austin or San Antonio, Texas

Aat the Ranch has been a retreat facility since 2005. YES, Aat is correct. The facility includes 4,300 square feet of vast open flowing space and 30 very private fenced acres.  
 Yoga meditation painting loft is always there for your individual interests.  Check out the Library where you will find over 300 nonfiction books, find a peaceful place to dive into some reading.  Reading is the key to take you where you want to be. 

 The main home offers a 40 foot by 40 foot by 17-foot high vaulted ceiling living room kitchen space for cooking, classes, visiting, and practices while also offering private areas for one on one conversations or small group sharing.   The sleeping arrangements are unique theme rooms. Each room is unique from the Celestial Star room with a six-foot by six-foot window to the stars above your queen bed,  to the Wonder woman Room, Tree room, History room, and Wyoming room.      

Aat the Ranch is surrounded by a 3,000-acre cattle ranch. We offer the most private setting with sprawling hills with fabulous views. Relax at the sacred Post oak springs pond.  The Ranch offers walking trails to the pond and up into the remote area of the ranch, also a dry creek bed — majestic rocks, white and pink quartz Post Oak and Live Oaks, Persimmon Trees. The orchard has Peach, Apple, Plum, and Pecans still in the beginning stages of growth. The majority of our retreat attendees will be staying in the magical home, while we are also offering camping for the more adventurous and budget-minded peeps.   We have a chevy outhouse and even a hot outdoor shower up by the cabin.

 Friends and memories are waiting to be made. 


March 4-11  MOON Waxing Crescent

 The nights will be starry with our very dark sky at the Ranch.

A former guest quote, “Start nights make us feel so small in our universe and yet made my heart feel so big. I knew I was very fortunate to be seeing such a sight and appreciate it to the very depths of my soul.”


Janice is an Internationally Certified E-500 Yoga & Meditation Instructor. Studied, practiced, and taught  2017 - 2019 in Rishikesh, India.  Always very excited to give all her guests fresh new experiences out at the ranch. 

Motivational Speaker & Mindset Coach 

 The hope is to create tools and practices that allow you to experience a sense of peace and calm unmatched by any mediation. Come and learn about a new practice or enrich your personal practice. 


When it comes to stunning sunsets and stellar sunrises Aat the Ranch in the remote Texas Hill Country wins the prize and Starry skies as far as the eye can see.

Enchanted Rock Natural Preserve is 9 miles away if you can fly. The magical rock formation rolls over to Aat the Ranch you feel the magic from the pink and white granite rock formations on our 167-year-old century ranch.


Check in 3 pm - 5 pm

Daily Agenda  with lots of down time

Over a week of disconnecting from your fast-paced life 

Guided Meditations 

Mindset Workshop

Energy Centers Testing

Drive up to the Llano River in Castell for meditative rock stacking 

Pendulum discovery

Moonlight meditation & stargazing

Hot Tubs 

Disconnect from stress, become connected with yourself, 

relax, and reflect, and evolve.

Relax, explore, and unwind at this magical historical Hill Country Ranch.

Movement, meditation, painting, mindset, stargazing, walks, yoga, 

healthy lifestyle in a country atmosphere.

As you can see we have created a magnificent experience for 

you Gods & Goddesses 

Get outside, relax, disconnect, and reconnect.


We will treat our bodies with mindful and creative foods over the retreat weekend.  The healthy meals offer flavors you can feel in your heart, delicious meals prepared with love 

Food that’s fresh and flavorful


There is something special about practicing yoga and moving your body in nature. You observe the sounds, the smells, and the energy from nature, making it the perfect place to practice. Sunrise & sunset meditation, manifesting vibrates with Kundalini yoga and meditating under the stars

Be present, breathe, and flow into peace!

Aat The