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 Big Horn Mountains, Wyoming

Disconnect & Reconnect during the heat of the summer up in the cool Northeast Mountains of Wyoming. Walking paths along a stream to faith-falling exercises.  Daily mindset, yoga, meditation, and talks lead by Janice.  Afternoons are free to explore or relax up in the Big Horn Mountains.

 Each day closes with an evening 

mindset hack then


and meditation. 

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The Bighorn Mountains are a mountain range in northern Wyoming and southern Montana in the United States, forming a northwest-trending spur from the Rocky Mountains extending approximately 200 miles northward on the Great Plains


 The moon will offer superb starry nights with a very dark sky.  A former guest quote “Start nights make us feel so small in our universe and yet made my heart feel so big. I knew I was very fortunate to be seeing such a sight and appreciate it to the very depths of my soul.”


We will be sharing with other couples during the retreat the numerous benefits of Couples Meditation and how it has been a true game-changer for their relationship. (If couples retreat)


This weekend of disconnecting from your fast-paced life will offer

Vibrational boundaries & healing

T - Tapping to strengthen your immune system 

Creating your own I AM affirmations

Couples Meditation 

Create your personal Vision Statement

Guided Meditations

Energy Centers test

Mindset workshop

Mediterranean Meals & snacks

Playing games, and

Having fun!

Making new friends

Moonlight meditation

Plus many other fun surprises! The weekend is designed to be a time to meet amazing people and build new friendships, and

Disconnect from stress become connected with yourself, 

relax, and reflect.

Relax, explore, and unwind sharing the cool mountain nights.

Mindset & Meditation, Attention & Energy workshops, Stargazing, walks, yoga, healthy lifestyle in a country atmosphere.

Get outside, relax, disconnect, and reconnect.


We will treat our bodies to mindful and creative foods this weekend! The Mediterranean diet offers flavors you can feel in your heart, delicious foods that will keep us fueled and satisfied. Robust coffees & herbal teas.

Food that’s fresh and flavorful


There is something special about practicing moving your body in nature, it allows you to observe the sounds, the smells, and the energy so much more, making it the perfect place to practice. Sunrise & sunset meditation, manifesting vibrates with Janice.  We will spend some hours flowing through various moves and meditating under the stars and enjoying playful workshops.

Be present, breathe, and flow into peace!


 Click on The Pricing to schedule a 15 min. consult.

Always all-inclusive.

 That means as soon as you arrive This includes the following:

2 nights accommodation

Couples meditation workshops & activities

Daily yoga classes

Guided meditation

Creative Workshops

Painting Memorabilia

All Mediterranean meals

Snacks and beverages throughout the weekend

Surprise activities

Retreat keepsakes

Aat The